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Photographer and Filmmaker

Dario Sintoni


Creating personalized portraits that highlight the unique essence of each individual.


Capturing the natural beauty of the world through stunning and detailed landscape photography.


Professional video production services for commercials, corporate projects, and various creative endeavors.


Crafting unique and compelling visual projects for fashion, art, and media publications.


Expertly documenting all types of events to capture and preserve unforgettable moments.


Providing impressive aerial shots with drones for breathtaking panoramic views and special projects.

Latest Series:

In The Moment

A company that manufactures and installs pneumatic transport infrastructure within the plastics industry, were seeking a fresh and dynamic image of their work. They wanted to highlight their innovative solutions and the efficiency of their systems. By capturing the precision and technology involved, they aimed to showcase their commitment to quality and reliability. The new visual representation would emphasize the seamless integration of their infrastructure into industrial processes. This refreshed image was intended to attract new clients and reinforce their position as industry leaders.

About dario

Images endure over time, capturing moments that memory treasures and turning them into tangible memories we can relive again and again.

“I am Dario Sintoni, an Italian photographer born in 1979 in the vibrant city of Milan. My passion for photography began in my adolescence when my father gifted me my first analog camera, marking the start of my photographic journey. After studying graphic design, I moved to Barcelona, where I learned Spanish and Catalan while working in various fields.”

“Eventually, I decided to pursue my true passion, working on photography projects for magazines and editorials, as well as stock images and videos. These tools allow my work to be seen worldwide, appearing in advertising posters, magazines, websites, and more. My love for photography became my career, and I am grateful to follow this exciting path.”

Let’s make something amazing together


Barcelona, España


(+34) 680-30-33-37